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From time to time you may experience problems with your snails. Very little is known about what these illnesses are, what causes them, and even less is known about treatments. Unfortunately it seems more time is spent on increasingly more ingenious ways to kill them.

Because of this, the following information is a mix of whatever research is possible and available, theory and hypothesis, logical thinking and the result of various discussions with a large group of snail owners. It is with the help of the community at large, that these problems can at least be documented. Where possible I have tried to link to example incidents.

Hopefully, we can find some effective solutions to the majority of these problems but for now I'm afraid you'll have to be content with various suggestions and discussion.

Slow Growth

Slow growth can occur for a number of reasons and is not necessarily something to worry about. Snails often grow in spurts. If your snail is still eating, it is likely to simply be this. Other possibilities are listed below:

The snail is a runt

Sometimes, the odd snail is just destined to be smaller, runts do occur. With decent care there is no reason why they can't survive to a ripe old age. If only one snail is affected, and seems to be eating properly there is nothing to worry about.

Overcrowding / Tank too small

If the tank is too small for the snails you keep or there are simply too many snails they will be stunted. For more information on this visit the link below:

The Snail Pages

Lack of food

Are you feeding your snails enough?

If your snails frequently eat all the food you give them, there is a good chance they are not getting enough. It is also important to feed a good variety, a few types of food may not provide the nutrition they need for the amount they eat (see below).

Lack of nutrition

We are not exactly sure what nutrition a snail needs as there is very little information available. But what we do know is that good variety in their diet will ensure they have a better chance of getting everything they need. It may be worth adding nutritious and high-protein foods like hemp and oats to their diet, to help them bulk up if they look undernourished.

Temperature / Inactivity

If most of your snails are suffering similarly then have you considered the temperature you keep them at. Snail kept too cold may be more inactive and less likely to grow quickly. If you think inactivity may be the cause click here.


The slow growth of your snail may be caused by parasites, illness or internal problems. See the following sections for more information:

Not Eating, Mites, Deeply Retracted